Careers at Trojan

Why You Should Work for Trojan Lighting Solutions Limited

Working for Trojan Lighting Solutions Limited offers numerous advantages, making it a highly attractive choice for your career:

Innovative Work Environment

Trojan Lighting Solutions Limited is at the forefront of technology in the lighting industry. Join us to work on cutting-edge projects that push the boundaries of smart lighting solutions, including intelligent buildings and human-centric lighting systems​.

Career Development

Our commitment to employee growth is evident through robust career development programs, including training, mentorship, and ample opportunities for advancement. We ensure you can grow your career and develop new skills while working with us​.

Company Reputation

With 25 years of industry experience, Trojan Lighting Solutions is a distinguished UK lighting manufacturer, seamlessly blending innovation, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Working here enhances your professional credibility and opens doors for future opportunities.

Impactful Work

Join us in projects that significantly impact energy efficiency and sustainability. Our dedication to environmentally conscious practices and the circular economy ensures that your work aligns with values of reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability​.

Collaborative Culture

Our inclusive and collaborative workplace culture fosters creativity and job satisfaction. Working with a diverse and talented team ensures a supportive environment where everyone can thrive​​.

Competitive Compensation

We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and other incentives, making it financially rewarding to be part of our team.

Work-Life Balance

We prioritise work-life balance with flexible working hours and remote working options, allowing you to manage your professional and personal life effectively.

Innovation and Quality

Trojan Lighting Solutions is committed to quality and innovation. Our products are crafted to meet and exceed industry standards, reflecting excellence in every project we undertake​.

Global Opportunities

As a company with ambitious growth plans, aiming to expand to a £30 to £50 million enterprise in the next 5-7 years, there are opportunities for international assignments and collaborations​.

Community and Social Responsibility

We actively engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as sponsorship, sustainability efforts and plastic-free packaging, ensuring our work positively impacts the community and the environment​.

Trojan Family Ethics

At Trojan Lighting Solutions Limited, we pride ourselves on our family ethics. We prioritise looking after our staff and customers, ensuring their needs come first. Our friendly and approachable management team fosters a supportive and caring environment, making sure everyone feels valued and respected​.

Ambitious Growth Plans

We have ambitious plans to grow our business over the next 5-7 years to a £30 to £50 million enterprise, delivering smart lighting solutions. Join us on this exciting journey and be a part of our success story.

By joining Trojan Lighting Solutions Limited, you become part of a company that values its employees and customers, fosters a supportive and innovative work environment, and is dedicated to sustainable and ambitious growth.


Sales Engineer

Trojan Lighting are looking for sales engineer who will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, identifying new business opportunities, conducting sales presentations, negotiating deals, and achieving sales targets. 

Location: Hybrid (St Helens, North of England)

Hours: Full time

Salary: Competitive

Closing date:  30/6/2024

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Northern Sales Manager

Trojan Lighting are looking for sales manager who will be responsible for generating new business and maintaining relationships with existing customers in the northern territory. They will be promoting and selling the companies services and products to our customers, understanding their needs and providing tailored lighting solutions that meet the service levels of the Trojan brand and ethics.

Location: Hybrid (St Helens, North of England)

Hours: Full time

Salary: Competitive

Closing date:  19/7/2024

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Warehouse and Goods Operator

Trojan Lighting are looking for warehouse and goods manager who will be responsible for the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of goods from the office and warehouses. The W&G manager plays a critical role in the overall supplier chain process.

Location: St Helens

Hours: Full time

Salary: Competitive

Closing date:  19/7/2024

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Internal Sales Administrator

Trojan Lighting are looking for a sales administrator who will provide essential administrative support to the Trojan team, enhancing customer and supplier satisfactions, ensuring smooth operations and contributing to the efficient functioning of the sales and accounts team in a successful lighting manufacturing business.

Location: St Helens/Hybrid

Hours: Full time

Salary: Competitive

Closing date:  19/7/2024

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