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Presst Range

Presst Range IP20 IK02 L90/B10 Previous Next The Presst Range is designed to enhance the concept of downlighting with high-power

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Birkrig Range

Birkrig Range IP20 IK04 L70/B50 Previous Next The Birkrig range offers adjustable downlighters that come in two standard color finishes:

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Ashurst Range

Ashurst Range IP54 IK02 L80/B10 Previous Next The Ashurst downlighter is a premium-grade IP54 lighting fixture specifically designed for use

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Ambleside Range

Ambleside Range IP20/54/65 IK02/10 L70/B10 Previous Next The Ambleside range of downlighters incorporates Tridonic DLE LED technology and is designed

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Alderly Range

Alderly Range IP20 IK02 L70/B50 Previous Next The Alderley LED downlighter is equipped with the state-of-the-art LED technology, making it

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