Rothsay 48 Range

IP standard
IK standard
LB standard

The Rothsay 48V Range is a versatile low-voltage track lighting system designed for lighting designers. It offers tool-free magnetic mounting for spotlights, pendants, and linear inserts, allowing for diverse combinations. This range provides various installation options, ensuring flexible and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.

The direct/indirect variant offers additional homogeneous illumination for spaces, while connector elements enable creative ceiling patterns. The Rothsay 48V Range brings innovative display lighting solutions for both pendant and surface systems.

The recessed trimless system adds both visibility and ambiance to environments, making rooms feel balanced and inviting. The surface-mounted system, known for its flexibility, can be installed in various spaces without significantly altering the ceiling. It is available in multiple shapes and sizes, making it a long-standing staple in design.



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