Trojan Lighting Signs Partnership Agreement with Uni-Smart and MyMesh

Trojan Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Uni-Smart Solutions and MyMesh to provide advanced intelligent lighting solutions. This collaboration combines the strengths and expertise of each company to deliver comprehensive and innovative lighting and building management systems.

Trojan Lighting, with 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, is known for being forward-thinking and proactive. The company specialises in energy-saving LED lighting, emergency lighting solutions, and control systems. Trojan Lighting is committed to helping clients reduce costs and carbon emissions, contributing towards achieving net carbon zero.

Uni-Smart Solutions offers a wide range of IoT smart building solutions. Their services include consulting, designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining, and supporting systems such as lighting, HVAC, metering, wireless networks, digital twins, BIM, emergency lighting, legionella monitoring, air quality management, asset tracking, and occupancy sensing.

MyMesh provides a smart system capable of managing lighting and other devices in professional spaces. Their system’s functionality extends to various aspects of building management, including human-centric lighting, HVAC and ventilation control, indoor positioning, asset tracking, and geo-fencing.

This partnership aims to bring several benefits to clients. By integrating the expertise of Trojan Lighting with Uni-Smart’s comprehensive IoT solutions and MyMesh’s advanced control systems, clients will receive state-of-the-art intelligent lighting solutions tailored to their specific needs. The collaboration will enable clients to achieve significant energy savings, enhance building efficiency, and improve overall operational management.

The combined strengths of Trojan Lighting, Uni-Smart, and MyMesh will provide clients with robust and scalable solutions that adapt to the growing demands of modern building management. This partnership underscores the commitment of all three companies to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the lighting and building management sectors.

For more information about this partnership and the services offered, please contact Trojan Lighting Solutions.

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