Trojan Lighting Welcomes Darren Dolan as Technical Manager

Darren Dolan cardTrojan Lighting Solutions is pleased to introduce Darren Dolan as our new Technical Manager. With a background in technical management, Darren has taken on a crucial role in overseeing and driving excellence in our technical operations.

In his position at Trojan Lighting, Darren will use his extensive expertise to ensure the execution of all technical aspects of our projects. His technical prowess will contribute significantly to Trojan Lighting’s reputation for cutting-edge solutions.

As our Technical Manager, Darren will lead in navigating the intricate landscape of lighting technology. His role is pivotal in ensuring that our solutions consistently meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Trojan Lighting is thrilled to have Darren on board, and we anticipate he will play a key role in advancing our position as industry leaders in innovative lighting solutions.

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