Kimbolton Range

IP standard
IK standard
LB standard

The Kimbolton Range is a structural lighting system designed for seamless integration into architectural designs. Its inflow line style ensures an unobtrusive appearance that blends with various interiors. The system is user-friendly, allowing easy angle adjustments in multiple directions and straightforward installation for both direct and indirect lighting.

The Kimbolton Range features a multi-node mechanical arm, enabling diverse mobility and easy adjustment of the housing. It can be concealed in the ceiling for main illumination or used as a spotlight to highlight specific products. The system uses a standard tracking system (available in 3 circuits 4 wires or 1 circuit 3 wires) as a power source, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

Luminaires in the Kimbolton Range come with a slim linear driver adapter, minimizing the size and making it easy to shift positions within the cove. For optimal results, it is recommended to paint the interior in black, enhancing the system’s visual appeal and functionality.



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